The truth that most web designers will never tell you is that it’s not enough to just put a website online. To attract new customers, you need to get your business listed in a wide variety of online channels.

I’ve studied the market, especially in the context of how to attract new customers online. I also know that you don’t want to spend lots on ads with very little results. So, I take a comprehensive approach to make sure you show up everywhere online when and where your clients are looking for you. This includes promoting your business in dozens of online directories, local Google searches, and popular mobile apps like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google Maps that people already have installed on their phones. Then we amplify the impact that all of those listings have by building social proof that demonstrates that people love you through amazing reviews and social media.

So, if you’re committed to delivering an awesome experience at your business and you’re looking to reach more customers without wasting time and money on generic “web developers” who don’t know what you need, schedule a call with me so we can start getting you the traffic and popularity you deserve.

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About Katie

About Katie

During your consultation

  • Learn the best way to use a website in the context of attracting customers to your business.
  •  How to promote yourself online without buying ads or paid traffic.
  • Then, if it you feel like this is something you’d like to implement for your business we can talk about that too and see if it’s a good fit for both of us. But, if nothing else, you’ll come away with a bunch of new ideas for how to amplify your popularity and visibility online.